Method of Testing Air-to-Air Heat/Energy Exchangers
ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 84


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SPC 84 2013R Agenda 20200204

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Title, Purpose, and Scope

1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this standard is to:
(a) establish a uniform method of test for obtaining performance data for air-to-air heat/energy exchangers; ;
(b) specify the test conditions, data required, uncertainty analysis to be performed, calculations to be used, and reporting procedures for testing the performance of an air-to-air heat/energy exchanger; and
(c) specify the types of test equipment for performing such tests.

2. SCOPE: 2.1 This standard prescribes the methods for testing the performance of air-to-air heat/energy exchangers .

2.2 In this standard, an air-to-air heat/energy exchanger is a device to transfer heat and/or water vapor from one airstream to another. The types of air-to-air heat/energy exchangers covered by this standard are:
(a) regenerative energy exchangers (including heat wheels, or total energy wheels),
(b) heat pipe exchangers,
(c) thermosyphon exchanger,
(d) recovery loop exchangers (also called run-around exchangers), and
(e) fixed plate exchangers.

2.3 The scope of this standard also includes both laboratory and field tests, provided that appropriate levels of uncertainty can be achieved when testing .

2.4 A test is deemed to be within the scope of this standard if both a pre-test uncertainty analysis and a post-test uncertainty analysis yield satisfactory uncertainty limits.


Committee Chair

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Matthew Friedlander


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James Scudamore


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